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Totally Painless

During the test you will neither see nor feel anything happen. It is totally painless and has no known side - or after - effects. Because no radiation or radioactive substances are used, patients requiring frequent scans avoid the potential danger of cumulative radiation exposure.


Easy Preparation

Follow your typical daily routine and eat anything you like, right up until the time of your scan. Unless directed otherwise by your doctor, continue to take any prescribed or over-the-counter medicines you need. Because of the magnetic field in the MRI room, however, you will need to leave the following items in one of our secure dressing rooms:

Credit cards
Hearing aids
Dental plates
Other metallic or
    metal-containing objects

You will be asked to change into a patient gown, or you may simply wear loose clothing with no zippers or any other metallic parts.


All You Need To Do Is Lie Still

You can help to produce a high quality image by lying still during the examination while breathing normally. The average scan takes 5 to 15 minutes to complete - the complete examination about 30 to 40 minutes - during which several dozen images will be produced.

Because Tri-Cities uses an Open MRI with no long tubes, you can relax in comfort - some patients even nap during the examination. The open design also enables parents to lie alongside, or sit next to, small children.

Adding to the comfort of this system is the absence of loud noises common with many other MRI units. You may hear a faint knocking sound, unless you are listening to music - you are welcome to bring along your favorite CD to enjoy during your exam or choose one of over 40 digital music channels available exclusively at Tri-Cities Open MRI.


Please Note:

A patient may not qualify for an MRI
exam if any of the following conditions exist:

 Artificial heart valve
 Neuro-stimulator (TENS-unit)
 Aneurysm clips
 Surgical staples
 Metal pins/plates/implants
 Implanted drug infusion device
 Foreign metal objects in the eye
 Shrapnel or bullet wounds
 Permanent eyeliner
 Intrauterine device (IUD)

In addition, you should inform your doctor or the technologist if you are pregnant, if you've ever been a metal worker, or if you've had any surgeries.

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