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Our MRI Services

Tri-Cities Open MRI is proud to offer you and your family the latest in high-quality diagnostic imaging and patient comfort with the new Hitachi AIRIS Elite Open MRI system. The AIRIS Elite system features a unique, award-winning open design that provides complete access from all sides so you will not feel confined.

This design helps meet the needs of all patients for ALL types of MRI exams, especially:

  Claustrophobic patients - no long tubes
  Larger patients (up to 500 pounds)
  Pediatric or senior patients who need to be
     accompanied by a parent or loved one

It's even large enough for a child to be imaged with a parent or guardian lying alongside for support.
Our comfortable outpatient setting and restful, spacious MRI suite will put your mind at ease by making you feel right at home. Patients can see and talk to the staff or loved ones during the exam, listen to one of our 40 digital music or television channels. Some patients even fall asleep!
Ultra-high resolution images produced by Tri-Cities Open MRI are provided to each patient on a CD-ROM immediately following their exam.
Same day/next day appointments are available (subject to pre-certification requirements of your insurance company, if applicable).

Your results will be available to your doctor the next day (same day available upon request).

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